February 25, 2021 02:40

How Childish

Brownie is NOT happy that his “administration” has more leaks than the Titanic:

  • Supposedly Brownie is big mad the promotional info leaked out via the blog the other day and then again today, before the order comes out later today. He’s allegedly making changes to whom goes where now, for the sole purpose of “proving” the blog wrong.

He can get mad about that, but can’t clear the weekend for visiting the families of our fallen?

By the way, whomever had this comment in that post made us laugh out loud for nearly ten minutes:

  • “Brownie sent a robot in his place.”

The kids probably would have been happier with a robot in any case. 

Anyone have the final disposition of moves and promotions? We knew there were going to be a couple, but either the Department hasn’t put them all in a press release yet or Brownie is still making changes.

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