September 19, 2021 22:57

I’m Scott James and I’m the author of a new book about one of America’s deadliest crimes – The Station nightclub fire. Ask Me Anything

Ten years ago I started asking questions about the worst thing to happen where I grew up: The Station nightclub fire that killed 100 when the rock band Great White ignited fireworks for its show in Rhode Island. There were never any trials, so there were unanswered questions and many feel justice was never served.

This brief video explains what happened:

I quickly discovered that people’s concerns about the tragedy were warranted. Only the government’s version of events had been presented, and the state’s evidence had never been vetted in court. I was able to persuade key figures involved in the tragedy to share their versions of events for the first time. I examined once-secret grand jury testimony and other documents never made public until today. As a result, a more complete telling of the story has emerged – it involves more than the government’s case where just a few people were made to be scapegoats.

Instead, the disaster turns out to be a troubling tale that’s eerily prescient of our current times: institutions we believe will be there to keep us safe or help us during a disaster are failing.

For an excerpt, an author interview and more information, go to:


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