June 24, 2021 23:57

Interesting Statistic

You really have wonder what’s the purpose of the media nowadays:

  • Chicago youth are at far higher risk of dying from gun violence than they are from COVID-19. That’s been the case since the start of the pandemic.

    As of December 1, four Chicago youth have died from COVID but over 90 have died from gun violence. That’s 23 children dead from gun violence for every COVID death.

    The numbers are far worse than they were five months ago when Wirepoints laid out the facts about reopening Chicago Public Schools to in-class learning. One of the more revealing points we covered was that the virus was far less a threat to Chicago children than gun violence.

But gun violence deaths are “acceptable losses” to Groot as long as she gets to hammer the CPD. 

 And whomever is pulling Groot’s strings at the national level doesn’t really care about dead minorities either. They’ll get to preach about the “evil guns” and attack right-thinking people and businesses.

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