August 4, 2021 16:18

Is there any way the Scalise father and son are the LISK killer/killers?

So I’m watching “The Killing Season” right now. It’s about the Long Island Serial Killer. I’m well aware of the multiple solid suspects with my money on James Bissett. Someone floated a very possible theory involving the Haitian mob as well that I came across in one of the threads online as well…but my question.

I was watching the episode where the directors interviewed the Scalise son and father about the private community and about how they suspected Hackett of being the killer…and their eyes did not correspond to the situational conversation at all…

I read people like books and these two gave me very odd vibes. In terms of motive, they’re almost perfect in my opinion. It’s clear they’re kind of outcasts of the community. For motive…Imagine living with your dad…Seeing rich doctors having orgies with strippers every weekend…and that would definitely lead to jealousy and anger.

I tried seeing if anyone ever looked at these 2 as suspects… and I got nothing.

Maybe they were cleared, maybe they don’t live together, maybe theirs a wife in the picture that wasn’t pictured in the doc. Idk.

Just wanted to float this to see if anyone’s got an opinion.

Additional question. Is there any way the Asian boy that was found dead could have been involved in the murder of these girls?

Edit: plot twist…The Asian Kid was one of the serial killers…and he got taken out and buried with his victims by his rival serial killer! Torso killer? Oh boy. Gotta ease up on the ganja here.

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