March 8, 2021 10:36

Judge Cancels Demotion of Milwaukee Police Chief

A judge reversed the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission’s decision to demote former Police Chief Alfonso Morales, reports TMJ4 News. Circuit Judge Christopher Foley said the commission’s decision to demote Morales from police chief to captain was improper. “It is clear this entire process was flawed,” Foley said. After an earlier demotion decision, Morales retired on his own

Frank Gimbel, Morales’ attorney, said he “may be polishing his uniform buttons and go back to the police station and whoever else is sitting in that chair for the moment is going to have to find an alternate chair to sit in, or there will be a discussion about some kind of a financial resolution.” Steven DeVougas, who was commission chairman at the time of Morales’s demotion, believes there will be some sort of financial settlement. “It’s a mess,” he said. The commission is deadlocked between two candidates for Milwaukee Police Chief, Hoyt Mahaley and Malik Aziz.

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