June 25, 2021 00:35

Just Fire the Teachers

Last we checked, the employees don’t get to dictate policy – the bosses do, and that’s the City:

  • As the fight continues over the safe reopening of Chicago Public Schools in the midst of a raging public health crisis, the Chicago Teachers Union has released for the first time a list of demands it wants met before members return to schools, including lower COVID-19 test positivity rates, testing and vaccination protocols and changes to both hybrid and remote learning.

    Some of the demands are likely to face strong and immediate rejection by city officials who have been adamant that it’s up to them to decide how and when the nation’s third-largest school district will return to classrooms for the first time since March.

Gutless Groot won’t actually stand up for taxpayers though. 

One of our commentators claims teachers are demanding $5,000 in “hazard pay.” That’s probably what they saved in gas and dry cleaning bills already this year.

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