July 30, 2021 20:13

Kentucky Task Force to Study ‘No-Knock’ Warrant Process Following Taylor Shooting

Kentucky’s attorney general has formed a task force to study the search warrant process nearly a year after the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor by officers who used a narcotics warrant to enter her home, reports the Associated Press.  The task force will consist of the chairs of the Kentucky Senate and House judiciary committees; two representatives appointed by the Chief Justice of Kentucky’s Supreme Court; several police members; a member of the Kentucky NAACP and three citizen appointments. It will be chaired by the attorney general’s office.

The “no-knock” warrant used to enter Taylor’s home on March 13 was obtained by a police detective who later acknowledged he did not confirm that a suspected drug dealer was having packages sent to Taylor’s home. The no-knock warrants, which allow officers to burst into a home without announcing themselves, have since been banned by Louisville’s Metro Council in a law named for Taylor. Attorney General Cameron said the new task force would convene “as often as necessary” and should complete its work by the end of the year.

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