September 28, 2021 22:03

Lady in the Lake – JoAnn Romain

I’ve just finished this episode of Unsolved Mysteries, and I’m left with a question that I don’t think was covered in the episode.

Why did the police go and investigate her car? It had only been there since 7pm (give or take the time that it was allegedly moved for). They said something about “the lights in the church were off so there was no reason for it to be there” but that doesn’t seem like reason enough that they would go and check it out. People leave their cars places overnight all the time!!

But further to this, what possessed them to walk to the end of the street, cross two lanes of traffic and look at the footprints in the snow?? They said themselves there was no evidence of a struggle, so why on earth would they see a parked car and immediately think “we should check to see if the owner of this car has jumped into the lake”?

The only plausible reason I can think of is that someone told them to go and look, and told them they think someone went into the water.

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