August 1, 2021 12:06

Litigation Entangles Kobe Bryant Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Nearly one year after Vanessa Bryant alleged that the helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, which left her husband, daughter and seven others dead, could have been avoided, that wrongful death lawsuit is at the center of an increasingly vast and complex web of litigation tied either directly or indirectly to the crash, reports USA Today.  The families of the other victims have since joined Vanessa Bryant in suing the company that operated the helicopter.

The helicopter company has countersued two air traffic controllers. Vanessa Bryant has sued Los Angeles County and its sheriff’s department. And she has been separately sued by her mother.Five of the lawsuits are interconnected, with the victims’ families seeking damages and alleging fault for the crash. Three others involve photos of the scene that were allegedly taken by Los Angeles County authorities. All the lawsuits remain in the early stages as the National Transportation Safety Board wraps up its investigation into the crash. The board has already released more than 1,800 pages of documents stemming from its probe and is slated to announce a probable cause for the crash at a meeting on Feb. 9.  In early February of last year, a preliminary NTSB investigation indicated that there was no evidence of engine failure in the crash.

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