September 22, 2021 06:33

Manufactured Shortage

Something bigger at play here?

  • The Illinois Department of Public Health quietly removed thousands of available hospital beds from their data showing how much capacity Illinois’ medical centers have. 

    The number of available hospital beds is closely tracked by the state as a barometer of how much stress the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on Illinois’ medical system. The state has more than 30,000 total general use hospital beds. The lower the number of free beds, the worse the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming. 

    For overall hospital beds, the state lowered the number of free beds to 8,132 from 10,232 from Nov. 18 to Nov. 19. IDPH removed 495 available ICU beds in the same time frame, taking the number from 1,113 to 618 free ICU beds.

So to make it look worse and push the COVID panic, the IDPH “removes” beds from circulation, driving up the percentage of occupied beds.

If there was actually some sort of “shortage” then Fatass would be re-opening the McCormick Place Mobile Hospital and be pissing away another $80 million in scarce taxpayer funds.

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