September 28, 2021 22:18

Maryland District Court Bans Court Employees from Wearing Pro-Police Masks 

Maryland district court Chief Judge John P. Morrissey banned all court employees, including clerks, bailiffs and judges, from donning face masks that depict the “thin blue line,” announcing that the symbol created “an issue of perceived bias,” reports the Baltimore Sun. Morrissey’s order will apply to all staff at 34 district court sites statewide, but will not affect people who are courthouse visitors. The “thin blue line” symbol is typically worn to show support or reverence for law enforcement. It has also become politicized, as counterprotesters at demonstrations and rallies for racial justice have sported the symbol on flags and T-shirts. Morrissey’s order came as a response to a local public defender. “The Judiciary must maintain itself as an unbiased and independent branch of Maryland state government,” Morrissey said. “Employees of the District Court wearing any clothing item or apparel which promotes or displays a logo, sticker, pin, patch, slogan, or sign which may be perceived as showing bias or favoritism to a particular group of people could undermine the District Court’s mission of fair, efficient, and effective justice for all and call into question the Judiciary’s obligation to remain impartial and unbiased.”

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