September 17, 2021 08:13

Milwaukee Bucks’ Sterling Brown Settles Police Lawsuit

Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown has reached a tentative agreement to receive $750,000 to settle a lawsuit he filed against Milwaukee in 2018 after police used a Taser to subdue and arrest him in a confrontation over a parking violation, reports the New York Times. On Friday, Brown signed the agreement, which would include an admission of a constitutional violation by the city and a commitment to changes in police operating procedure. “No one should ever have to go through the horrifying abuse and injustice that Sterling experienced,” the Bucks said. “We commend Sterling for his courageous response to this terrible situation by repeatedly sharing his story and working tirelessly with countless local groups and organizations to help make change in our community.”

Brown rejected a settlement offer by the city for $400,000 because it did not include an admission of guilt by the city. A police officer confronted Brown in January 2018 because his car was parked in a handicapped spot. The situation escalated quickly with multiple police vehicles being called to the scene. Video shows officers pushing Brown to the ground and using a Taser on him after he did not immediately take his hands out of his pockets when ordered to do so. The police did not pursue criminal charges against Brown, who contended that officers used excessive force because he is Black. The settlement came after months of protests against police brutality and calls for police reform across the U.S. Details of expected changes in the Milwaukee Police Department’s operating procedures were not specified.

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