July 26, 2021 12:44

Minneapolis Lt. Bob Kroll retires and he deserves our gratitude

Minneapolis, Minnesota – There may not be a cop in America that has been abused and bashed more than Minneapolis Police Lt. Bob Kroll.

His recently announced retirement brought out the cowards behind the keyboard once again with Mayor Jacob Frey tweeting “good riddance” and the Star Tribune placing his legacy on everything from “the charred rubble of the Third Police Precinct station” to the “graves and grieving families and a police force and a community terrified of each other.”

This is how sick and twisted cities such as Minneapolis are.

We know Bob Kroll the police officer and we know Bob Kroll the man. Kroll has more guts and fortitude than every coward that has used him for the problems that they created times a thousand.

Cowards have marched on his house, they have continually attempted to get him and even his wife fired from their job and in the end, they are the losers.

None of it worked.

Lt. Bob Kroll went out his way and on his terms. He could have taken the easy way out years ago. Kroll has been eligible for retirement for some time but as the union leader in a city that hates those standing between good and evil, Kroll stood tall and defended them.


The good men and women at the Minneapolis Police Department needed Kroll and Kroll took the punishment day after day and year after year.

We have always watched from afar and shuttered at the cruel and bitter treatment that Kroll constantly received from the local and national media. That should tell you more about them than Bob Kroll.

They called him a racist; they called him KKKroll and it goes on and on and every bit of it was a lie and they knew it.

Bob Kroll defended the rights that every American and every police officer has.

To be treated innocent until proven guilty and ensuring that their due process rights were adhered to.


The fact that the City of Minneapolis and their leadership didn’t like him is simply proof that they were not treating their officers correctly and it was Kroll who stood in their way.

Unlike what the cowards in the media want to tell you, there isn’t one man anywhere that can keep any bad cop on the job and Kroll couldn’t stand bad cops.

He was simply a scapegoat for a bunch of politicians that were incompetent and incoherent in running their city and their police department.


The hate for Bob Kroll picked up steam in the wake of the death of George Floyd but Kroll wasn’t there that day. And it wasn’t Kroll that trained the officers to subdue subjects on the ground that they suspected were experiencing excited delirium. It also wasn’t Kroll who knew that Floyd didn’t die from asphyxia but rather a drug overdose with enough fentanyl to kill a horse.

No, that was the leadership in the City of Minneapolis that knew all of that but instead of telling the public the truth, they chose to throw Kroll under the bus.


We can’t imagine what Bob Kroll is thinking after the years of abuse from a city that he served for over 32 years including 15 years on the SWAT team and various other dangerous assignments.

The media loves to talk about the complaints and lawsuits filed against him and his endorsement of President Trump but what they won’t tell you is the truth about any of that.

Any cop that serves three decades in a city like Minneapolis will get complaints and probably get sued a time or two. Ask any cop that has worked the streets, especially those that are in Minneapolis, and they will tell you that is the game.

But just like Kroll so often did, when you do your job right and you follow policy, bring it on and that is exactly what they did to Kroll.

If you don’t believe us that Kroll is the stand up guy that we say he is, we will ask you to answer one question.

If Bob Kroll is the evil that the cowards say, then why did he retire, on his own terms, after 32 years?

Why wasn’t he fired?

Because those that went after him had nothing. Trust us, if they had something, Kroll would have been fired long ago. Anyone with a few brain cells knows that.

But they couldn’t do that so they publicly shamed and mocked him every chance they got.

Bob Kroll took it and he took it so he could defend others from getting the same treatment.

Even more dangerous is the reason they mocked and tried to cancel Kroll every chance they got. They knew Kroll wouldn’t budge but they were sending a message to anyone else that tried to stand up to them. For the sake of the Minneapolis Police Department and the citizens that reside there, we hope that Kroll’s leadership is passed on and they stand tall because this hate will not stop with Bob Kroll’s retirement.

As Mayor Jacob Frey sends his teenager style condolences to Kroll on his retirement, we have a message for him.

Lt. Bob Kroll retiring will not fix your problems because you are the problem.

Now that Kroll is gone, who will you blame for the environment that you have created?

The housing market in Minneapolis is booming but there are no buyers. Violence in the city is off the charts and cops are more scared of their politicians and their media than they are the violent criminals.

But the cowards shouldn’t worry.

They will keep lying and they will find someone else to blame and unfortunately they will convince some in the public that the boggie man nightmare called the police union is their enemy while the bodies of the homicide victims keep piling up.

No one is going on vacation in Minneapolis and it’s not because they are scared of Bob Kroll. The city has plummeted to a low that you cannot imagine and Bob Kroll fought to make it better.

He fought to keep cops doing their job which is to arrest criminals and provide a safer environment for the citizens.

He fought to get politicians away from law enforcement because everyone knows how stupid things get then.

Now he is gone and the punching bag for all of the failed policies and politicians are gone.

Part of us say let Jacob Frey and his minions have it. Let them do whatever they want to what was once a great, working class city.

But we care too much about the citizens and we care too much about the police officers that put their lives on the line everyday to give in.

So we tend to do what Bob Kroll did every day since 1989. Never give up….Keep fighting and never let the cowards and the trolls win.

From American Law Enforcement and us here at Law Officer, thank you Lt. Kroll.


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