June 22, 2021 00:20

Minneapolis slashes $8M from police budget

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis City Council passed a budget Thursday morning that will cut its police funding by $8 million and use the money for mental health and violence prevention programs, according to reports.

The plan for the shifting of police funding, called “Safety for All,” follows the city council’s stalled attempt to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department earlier this year following the custodial death of George Floyd.

“The City Council adopted a 2021 budget!!” Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender tweeted early Thursday. “All the #SafetyForAllBudget proposals passed for 2021. Mental health, violence prevention, oversight and more.”

The Minneapolis Police Department’s overall budget is $179 million.

People are minimizing the cuts. However, Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll told Fox News that the city council’s actions will still seriously harm the police department and public safety.  

“The City Council is decimating the police department,” Kroll said. “The number of working officers is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Murders, shootings, and other violent crimes are approaching record levels. Our officers are severely overworked, understaffed, and cannot keep the public safe with these cuts.”

Fox News is awaiting a response from the Minneapolis Police Department after a request for comment.

The council also made a last-minute change to the plan that avoided making any cuts to the number of officers in the city after Mayor Jacob Frey threatened to veto the budget. The current cap on the number of officers in the city will therefore remain at 888 rather than the 750 the council initially included.


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