September 19, 2021 12:51

More Non-Punishment

This must be some more of that “mostly peaceful looting” everyone was talking about:

  • A shoplifting team that has repeatedly targeted the Macy’s store at Water Tower Place raised the stakes by bringing baseball bats to ward off security officers during a raid on the retailer’s menswear department last week, prosecutors said. One adult and one juvenile are now charged with robbery.

    Loss prevention officers caught 19-year-old Darien Green shoplifting three times in the previous month, according to prosecutors. But Macy’s didn’t press charges in those cases.


  • “…Macy’s didn’t press charges in those cases.”

Well in that case, fuck Macy’s. You deserve every robbery you get.

  • So, when Green and two companions entered the store with baseball bats on the afternoon of November 12, security officers decided to keep an eye on them, said Assistant State’s Attorney Meredith Rudolfi.

    When a guard approached the trio in the menswear department, Green threatened him with a bat while a juvenile threatened to beat the agent if he didn’t stop following the group around. The security officer backed away while other Macy’s employees kept an eye on the crew via surveillance cameras.

    Green and the third offender allegedly took coats from the racks and walked out. Macy’s agents did not try to apprehend the group.

Well thank goodness these robbers will finally face justice!

  • According to CPD records, Green has been arrested six times in the past eleven months: for criminal trespass to vehicles and trespassing in Englewood; for shoplifting in Uptown; for battery at the Sheridan Red Line station; and for failure to disperse from Trump Tower during riots on May 31.
Or maybe not.

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