April 13, 2021 05:42

‘MyPillow’ CEO Has Tweets Locked Due to ‘Risk of Violence’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is the latest person to see censorship on his social media account after several of his tweets locked “due to a risk of violence.” This occurred after he posted documents indicative of voter fraud, according to the businessman.

Lindell posted “pages of the machine voter fraud evidence” on Twitter, saying that “the media including Twitter has tried to bury it,” The Western Journal reported.

Twitter quickly slapped a label on the post and prevented users from interacting with it.

“This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence,” the label reads.

Moreover, Lindell tweeted documents in two additional posts that were subsequently labeled and locked.

“Here is one page of hundreds that prove President Trump got around 79m votes to 68m votes for Biden! Everyone wants the truth!” he tweeted.

Lindell told the Washington Examiner that he had discussed his allegations of election fraud with President Trump on Friday before he shared the details with three additional people.

“Here’s the deal: More than 80 million people believe the election was the result of a fraud,” Lindell said.

The lawyers told him they had looked into the claims. Nevertheless, Lindell described the officials as “very dismissive” of the allegations.

“They have their own agenda,” he said.

Lindell had also shared a video on Facebook Friday that said Trump will be president for four more years. Consequently, the video was quickly labeled by Facebook.

Keep the faith everyone! We will have our president Donald Trump 4 more years!

Posted by Michael J Lindell on Thursday, January 14, 2021

Twitter’s censorship of Lindell’s tweets comes a week after Trump was booted from the platform.

Twitter permanently suspended the outgoing president on Jan. 8, citing a “risk of further incitement of violence” in a blog post.

The announcement came after hundreds of employees demanded this week in a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that Trump’s account be permanently suspended following the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, The Washington Post reported.

Trump’s ban from Twitter appeared to be part of what many have referred to as a “purge” of the social media giant’s users, including former pro-Trump attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, as well as former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, Law Officer reported.

However, Twitter’s critics are pointing out the glaring exceptions the platform appears to have made for some of the world’s most hateful and dangerous voices, including Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and radical extremist, Louis Farrakhan, among others. Furthermore, radical activists who antagonized and encouraged riotous behavior for months following the custodial death of George Floyd remain unencumbered on the platform.


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