June 17, 2021 20:00

Nearly Two Dozen D.C. Arrests in Election Protests

Demonstrations over President Donald Trump’s loss at the polls resulted in charges against nearly two dozen people in Washington, D.C., including a person accused of setting off fireworks and four people accused in an assault that left the victim unconscious on the street, reports the Associated Press. The arrests came during and after protesters and counterdemonstrators clashed Saturday. Several thousand people rallied during the day in support of Trump, whose motorcade drove by the gathering protesters Saturday morning on the way to the president’s Northern Virginia golf club. Trump supporters marched to the Supreme Court Building, across from the Capitol. Their activities and those of counterdemonstrators grew increasing tense and took a violent turn in the evening. Videos posted to social media showed numerous incidents of shoving and punching as well as a fireworks explosion and a man shoving and knocking down one person before being shoved and punched unconscious himself by others.

Four people, all but one confirmed as Washington residents, were arrested on various charges related to a man being knocked unconscious by one person and then assaulted by the others. Four police officers were injured as they responded to the unrest, and eight firearms were recovered. At least 10 of those arrested were from the District of Columbia while others came from neighboring Maryland and Virginia. Some of those arrested were from New York, New Jersey, South Carolina and Georgia, and more suspects were being sought as authorities reviewed surveillance footage. Several other cities on Saturday saw gatherings of Trump supporters unwilling to accept Democrat Joe Biden’s Electoral College and popular vote victory as legitimate, including Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas, Austin, Tx., Lansing, Mi., and Salem, Or.

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