May 6, 2021 17:57

Nepotism Continues

This story is familiar to most readers of the blog:

  • A legend has circulated for several years in the halls of Chicago Police Headquarters about the origins of one of the Chicago Police Department’s worst kept secrets, the lieutenant exam cheating scandal. Readers may recall a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) revealed former Chief Eugene Williams had acquired a complete copy of the most recent lieutenant promotional examination and was alleged to have shared the test with a group of higher-ups’ friends, wives and girlfriends. Legend has it that prior to the test being given, then-First Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger approached then-Superintendent Garry McCarthy sometime in 2013 to ask that his wife, then a sergeant, be promoted “meritoriously” to lieutenant.

    In theory, the “meritorious” promotional process is ostensibly a way for outstanding officers who score poorly on a given promotional exam to nonetheless be promoted due to their stellar work. In practice, however, it is often abused to promote friends and family of the connected. According to lore, McCarthy turned down the idea of a promotion for the wife of his First Deputy cold, saying that when a First Deputy has the honor of serving in such a high position, he should know nepotism-based promotions are off the table. It is widely believed McCarthy’s refusal to grant the promotion to Mrs. Wysinger may have provided the impetus for the promotional exam scandal.

    As it turns out, Al Wysinger’s wife didn’t need the merit bump once the results of the test (conveniently acquired by friend, former Deputy Chief Superintendent Eugene Williams) were returned. After scoring well below the threshold for promotion on the previous test, Wysinger’s wife miraculously achieved the highest score on the exam in a class numbering in the hundreds. What a coincidence.

The Contrarian then goes on to explain how the latest First Deputy has promoted his wife (a lieutenant exam cheater) to Captain last week (and dumping a captain who wrote her up for misbehavior at the Academy):

So what happens to her side job now (via facebook – and yes, it’s real)?

We mean, is her proper title Captain Chyna? Captain DJSC?

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