September 17, 2021 18:25

No Casino…

…but Groot is a gambling fool:

  • Two days before the Chicago Teachers Union officially went on strike in 2019, one of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s top aides sent her a note about what he called “The Bet.”

    In the email, Lightfoot senior adviser and legal counsel Michael Frisch laid out a wager and its stakes.

    “The Bet: 3 cigars and a bottle of scotch of the winner’s choosing. Under: Strike ends before next Weds. Over: Strike extends past Weds,” Frisch wrote in the email, which had “confirming our agreement” in the subject line.

    Referencing Lightfoot’s chief of staff, Maurice Classen, who was also on the email, Frisch wrote, “Frisch and Maurice have the Under, MLL has the Over. Now no one can back out …” using an acronym for Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

    Neither Lightfoot nor Classen responded to the email, according to what Lightfoot’s office released. A Lightfoot spokeswoman said the mayor “does not have any recollection of the email in question” but took the CTU strike “very seriously” and “of course never participated in any bet nor would she.”

We’ll say right here that Groot is a liar and her spokespeople are liars. Groot has a long and storied history of gambling and if we felt like outing eight or ten sources, we would have exclusives that would make a zombie-Mike-Royko drool.

We would have actually respected her a tiny little bit if she came out and admitted she gambled on the teachers’ strike. We’ve set the weekend over/under on homicides tens of dozens of times over the years. Of course, being the lead negotiator, she was privy to all sort of info that others didn’t have.

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