July 28, 2021 22:31

NYPD Fights Release of Discipline Records

Former New York City Police Department officers and firefighters who say Mayor Bill de Blasio put them in harm’s way by unsealing discipline records advanced their claims to the Second Circuit on Tuesday, reports the Courthouse News Service. In June of last year, the state repealed a rule that limited public access, except by court order, to the personnel performance records of police officers, firefighters, and correction officers.  The action led to the publishing of thousands of NYPD disciplinary records, revealing that roughly 4,000 NYPD officers from a force of 36,000 members had at least one substantiated complaint against them. In an appellate brief, the unions said records were ordered unsealed without “meaningful pre-disclosure review of the risks of irreparable harm to officers’ safety, privacy, and professional reputation.” U.S. Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier faulted the unions, however, for failing to get specific in support of their claim that the repeal of the records-sealing law in the New York Constitution created irrevocable harm.

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