March 5, 2021 15:10

NYPD Resignations

Whatever the numbers from Personnel end up being, every big city department is going to following the NYPD trend:

  • About 50 police officers resigned from the New York Police Department (NYPD) on Friday to accept positions with the Nassau County Police Department on Long Island.

    Law enforcement sources told the New York Post that most of the officers who have departed had less than five years on the police force, meaning a loss of expensively-trained young officers the department had expected to have around for a long time.

    “The city spent millions of dollars training these cops hoping that they would be around for another 20-plus years,” one NYPD officer said. “That money and experience just walked out the door, putting a further drain on the city’s budget nightmare.”

The democrats have made it so undesirable to be the police, that there is just about zero chance they will keep up with retirements. Which will mean lowering qualifications to hire, rasing entry level salaries, or pretty much doing without a Department that can keep order.

If your non-police friends and family don’t have a gun and a CCL, they ought to get one…..around last year would have been a good time.

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