June 17, 2021 19:59

Officer Almost Killed

Where were the Mental Health Responders???

  • A Chicago police officer was stabbed while responding to a mental health disturbance.

    Police said the incident happened around 11:15 p.m. Thursday at 91st and Burley in the city’s South Chicago neighborhood.

    When officers arrived to the scene, a 26-year-old man was damaging the apartment unit he lives in with his family. Police said the man began throwing objects at them outside, and then ran towards the officers with two knives.

    According to police, the man was Tased and when officers attempted to arrest him, he stabbed one of them in the stomach

As we and dozens of others have stated here, knives are deadly weapons, and there isn’t a Use of Force model that requires Officers to confront Deadly Force with less-than-lethal munitions. Our lives matter. It’s written into Law and General Orders and backed by Case Law and Court Precedents.

And as demonstrated here, the situation escalated so rapidly that there wasn’t a chance to transition from Taser-to-Gun, and an Officer was stabbed in the gut. A sergeant nearly lost her life earlier this autumn. Hopefully, this isn’t a training shortfall that will cost some Officer his/her life.

Get well soon Officer.

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