August 1, 2021 12:48

Omaha Chief Defends Officers in Killing of Black Man

Omaha’s police chief said two officers acted appropriately when a Black man was fatally shot during a traffic stop last week, because the man repeatedly failed to comply with their commands, The Guardian reports. Police chief Todd Schmaderer said his officers followed department policy when Kenneth Jones was shot last Thursday because Jones reached for a gun in his waistband and disregarded commands. Schmaderer showed photos from the traffic stop but said the full video would not be released until after a grand jury has reviewed what happened.

Protesters gathered outside Omaha police headquarters over the weekend to demand the release of footage. Schmaderer said releasing the video now could taint the grand jury investigation. The officers have been placed on leave during the investigation: Dan Faulkner, 29, and Richard Martier, 31, each of whom have been with the department since 2016. Police said the officers pulled over the vehicle Jones was riding in after observing it stopped in the middle of the street, then driving forward several feet and stopping several times. The officers said they thought the driver might be impaired. Schmaderer said the officers ordered everyone to raise their hands at least 14 times and ordered Jones to open his car door six times without him complying. They broke out his window and opened the door to pull him out. Faulkner fired four times when Jones started to turn with the gun in his hand, Schmaderer said. Jones had a vial of PCP on him, but toxicology tests haven’t been completed.

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