August 1, 2021 23:05

Overused and Meaningless

The more you play the “race card,” the less it actually means, and this time, it is completely worthless:

  • Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara says Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her top aides are calling the shots at the Chicago Police Department, tying the hands of Supt. David Brown and turning him into kind of a figurehead.

    “Whatever he wants to do is getting cleared through her office first or it’s not getting done. What authority does he really have? His hands are tied,” Catanzara said. “She should stay the hell out of running the police department and let Supt. Brown run it. If he falls on his face, let him fall on his own face.”

    The mayor’s office fired back that “once again, John Catanzara continues to speak without knowledge of the facts.”

    “These remarks are not only racist and blatantly disrespectful to his own boss and fellow officers but also completely irresponsible. We refuse to be a part of a race to the bottom,” said Pat Mullane, a spokesman for the mayor.

Could Mullane point out the racism in the comment? We realize he’s just a moronic tool reading from a pre-printed script for a moron mayor, but how is it racist to say:

  • stay in your (political) lane;
  • let Brownie run the Department he was hired to run;
  • any failure due to his policies or missteps are his…he owns them…he actually insulates the mayor from criticism.

It’s not disrespectful to point out something that your boss won’t or isn’t allowed to – that he isn’t the one making decisions. He is (truthfully) a figurehead. But in this hyper-political town, if Brownie fails, it looks bad for Groot because she hired him, and EVERYONE knows it.

That’s the trouble with micro-managers, and Groot is especially susceptible because she’s a midget minority lesbian with an inferiority complex. She can’t step out from behind her identity politics because then people will correctly point out that she’s an incompetent manager and, as she was at the Federal level, a failure.

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