September 21, 2021 11:04

“Painful” Cuts to Government

And to that we say, “About fucking time”

  • Fresh off spending $58 million of his fortune in a losing effort to pass a graduated-rate income tax, a frustrated Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday said “painful” budget cuts are coming and suggested an attempt to raise taxes could come as soon as two weeks.

    Pritzker lashed out at Republicans, business groups and Ken Griffin, Illinois’ richest man, accusing opponents of distorting the truth about what the amendment would have done.

    “There will be cuts, and they will be painful,” Pritzker said Wednesday at his daily coronavirus briefing. “And the worst thing is, the same billionaires who lied to you about the ‘fair tax’ are more than happy to hurt our public schools, shake the foundations of our cities, and diminish our state. Maybe because they think it won’t hurt them.”

Here’s a clue Porkie – it won’t hurt them at all. Maybe you’ve never handled money – being a billionaire that’s probably beneath you and you have people for that. 

Billionaires and millionaires and even thousandaires like us, we like to pay less taxes, so we shelter as much of it as we can from you greedy pricks. The avenues available for the rich and ultra-rich to shelter money is way more than what’s available to us. Griffin and Rauner probably pay less percentage wise than we do, but it still adds up to millions of dollars.

The big liar here is you – because once the rich people hide their money, it falls on the working middle class to make up your shortfalls. And you know what? When someone has a spending and debt problem, the last fucking thing you do is give them (A) money, (B) a line of credit or (C) unfettered access to our wallets.

How about cutting fucking spending? We haven’t seen one proposal to do that until now. In fact, we can name (literally) thousands of city, county and state employees who have been sitting home, receiving paychecks, doing absolutely nothing. 

And don’t even get us started on the CPS/CTU criminal enterprise.

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