July 30, 2021 18:55

Paintball Arrests…and Releases

So a bunch of assholes decided to act like assholes over the past week or two. After a big effort, there were a bunch of arrests:

  • Six people were arrested Friday in connection with a string of paintball shootings in Little Village and Lawndale.

    Seven different paintball attacks were reported from Thursday night to Friday night in the Chicago Police Department’s 10th District, which covers the Lawndale and Little Village neighborhoods. The attacks left seven people injured, including one man who lost his eye, according to Chicago police spokesman […].

    Deputy Chief Ernest Cato said six people were arrested Friday after being found with paintball guns and assorted paraphernalia. Detectives are investigating whether those in custody carried out any of the seven latest shootings, Cato said at a news conference Friday

During the presser, Cato said this: 

  • “It’s something that has increased, but I want to put the word out there right now: We are focused on this. We’re going to treat these paint guns like they’re regular guns, like they’re shooting real bullets…”

From this point forward, any attempt to read this as anything except an endorsement as a Use of Deadly Force scenario should be enforced in a courtroom in the strongest possible terms. Police (and armed citizens) don’t have the luxury of waiting to see if these are real guns shooting real bullets. You shoot at an armed individual and they feel an impact, they should be granted all the protections of Law if they respond with real bullets. Fuck these jagoffs.

And of course, this being Cook County:

  • did anyone notice how the brass jumped on the opportunity to have a press conference over those 6-7 offenders that were arrested for shooting paint balls at people. How they posted the weapons on facebook and cheered “We got em!!”

    However, 24 hours later , all those cb numbers have been RWOC!!!

We’ll take a wild guess here and say, “Crimesha Foxxx.”

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