February 25, 2021 03:03

Party bus bust

NYPD via twitter

A party bus full of revelers celebrating an alleged gangster’s 18th birthday were done in by their social media posts showing some posing with firearms. An exclamation point was added by New York City police by stopping them in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. “Stupid is as stupid does,” as Forrest Gump said.

The party came to an end in the early morning hours of February 12, 2021, after concerned community members alerted the NYPD to the posts. Cops stopped the bus in Brooklyn after it departed Manhattan by way of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and recovered eight loaded handguns, stated the NYPD on its Twitter feed, @NYPDnews. The New York Daily News reported 14 people of the 41 partiers were arrested, including three juveniles. The News also reported the 18-year-old party boy told police he had no idea there were guns on the bus even though he was sitting on a firearm. Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Mary Sessa said, “Cops were able to remove the firearm before they put him in cuffs.”

The posts appeared on Snapchat and Instagram as the group celebrated the 18-year-old’s birthday who, the New York Daily News stated, according to sources is a member of the “Road to Riches” street gang.

 “I can’t tell you why there were so many firearms,” said NYPD Assistant Chief Miguel Iglesias, “why are there so many firearms in New York City?”  Another high-ranking police source said, “This is a very dangerous city,” reported the New York Post.

Those arrested continued to enjoy each other’s company in a bus of a differ sort – an NYPD paddy wagon. Forrest Gump would approve.


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