May 16, 2021 16:33

Personnel Question

The blog has been pointing out massive shortages at the District level and the theft of manpower to supply these CST teams that aren’t doing a damn thing about the near-constant backlogs burning out cops citywide.

We also wrote about Groot’s soft “defunding” via a budget cut of 600 unfilled positions. This was while the Department was close to 1,000 officers short of the staffing of four years ago.

Then, a few days ago:

  • Wait until Jan 16th, we will be 2,023 officers shorter on that day due to retirements. This is the single largest retirement in CPD history. You not only have the guys with the 30 years but now the numbers leaving in the 100’s are down to 10 years. I work at the Jive-ory Tower and it’s chaos. Brown is disinterested because he’s gone soon back to Texas and Carter is just to stupid to understand. At least the young kids trapped in patrol are exploring massive lateral moves or just leaving for the private sector. We could conceivably have manpower dwindle under 5,000 and no help in sight. Another summer like last year the whole city could burn.

We don’t know where this “2,023” number came from and if it included the 1,000 the Department was already short. We have observed many more people leaving with 20 years rather than 25 or 29. We’ve also seen new officers leaving for other agencies at a record pace.

To retire with the insurance under the 55-and-out provision, you have to notify the city of your intent to retire in October of the year previous. So if you intended on retiring in 2021, you should have notified the city in October 2020 to get the full benefits of the 55-and-out.

A typical year is 400 Officers….+/- a couple dozen. We’ve heard three separate numbers in the past two weeks.

  • 800 – 2 times the norm
  • 1,000 – 2.5 times the norm
  • 1,200 – 3 times the norm

Any of these numbers would spell trouble beyond anything the Department has seen in living memory.

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