March 6, 2021 00:07

Pick a Strategy Please

It’s not that the CPD is rudderless… just is led by people with no sense of direction, nor any ability to actually come up with an effective strategy:

  • The Chicago Police Department plans to add as many as 100 officers to its citywide narcotics unit, police confirmed Thursday, signaling a policy reversal from earlier this year when top officials placed more of an emphasis on supporting neighborhood patrols.

    No time frame has been disclosed for when the narcotics unit would be expanded, but police sources said the process would be underway shortly.

    Police spokesman […] confirmed the unit would add about 80 to 100 more cops and said Superintendent David Brown wanted the unit to focus more on lengthy investigations into “mid-level” and “upper-level” drug dealers.

We’re pretty sure they were already doing that, and one might make the argument that diverting resources away from that led directly to the massive uptick in murders this year (see post above this one).

We’re betting that too many connected persons were entrenched that the current command couldn’t move out of their spots, so they launched almost the entire unit, and now they’ll fill it with their chosen ones.

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