March 3, 2021 16:18

Please recommend books on psychological profiling

I am a college student working on a research fellowship, and the topic I chose is criminal profiling. So far I have books from John E Douglas, Robert Ressler, Roy Hazelwood, and Pat Brown. I already have many sources from online databases (found through EBSCOhost) but more sources would help me out. I have access to libraries from VCU (nearby college), two local community colleges, multiple county libraries, and my state library, so I have access to lots of material, I just want to expand the list of what I am looking for. I am also only a few hours from Washington D.C. and the fellowship comes with a cash stipend, so I can travel to the national library if needed (the library at Quantico is already on my list lol). Thank you all so much!

(Here is my current list of books to see what I already have – )

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