September 28, 2021 21:39

Police rescue skunk trapped in Chick-Fil-A cup

Arvada Police Department via Facebook

When we think of police serving the community, we usually think of that community as consisting of fellow humans. Often, we overlook the fact that wild animals exist among us and that they have to deal with the various inconveniences of the human species too.

Police in Arvada, Colorado, definitely know what it’s like to care for the animal members of the community after responding to a call to assist a skunk who got himself trapped in a milkshake cup from the fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.

The Arvada Police Department posted a video to social media of the counter with the caption, “We responded to the Apex recreation center this weekend for a skunk with his head was stuck inside a cup! Lucky for skunk the Chick-fil-A milkshake cup came off easily and the healthy skunk rambled off into a culvert to sleep off his sugar rush.”

In the clip, a female police officer approaches the skunk wandering confusedly in plain sight with a cup lodged on his head. He was in a dire situation – at risk of asphyxiation, impending starvation, or death from a predator.

“We’re coming, buddy!” the officer said. Using a trash grabber, the officer carefully removed the cup from the skunk’s head while it backed itself out of the Styrofoam receptacle.

Luckily for the officer, she narrowly avoided getting sprayed by the ungrateful skunk. The skunk reacted defensively by taking a few steps towards the officer and raising its tail aggressively. As the officer moved away, the skunk eventually lowered its tail and ran in in the opposite direction.

The episode just goes to show that the police have a duty to all members of the community, even the smelliest and furriest out there.

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