May 16, 2021 18:19

Pure Evil

Our spies relate that Catanzara was correct again – 100%:

  • For those who are wondering why “Squad Policing” is dead except for 011 and possibly 004, it was all part of the “plan.” Shortly after LL took office, she began to put her minions in spots at HQ. (Daley and Rahm did also, but it was usually the CPD budget director and the Supt’s Chief of Staff, plus a handful of other hacks). She flooded the place when EJ was bounced a year ago. They now dictate policy, not CPD brass. First she stalled on the contract, then the FOP election took place and all bets were off because JCat is a real opponent. He knows this and so does she and she doesn’t want to look weak or appear beaten by a white policeman.
    Nothing and I mean nothing gets signed off on without Maurice Classen’s approval (LL’s Chief of Staff). Brownie and LL realized early on that the contract, for as many glaring gaps in protection that exist, is still solid and needed a go-around. This is EXACTLY why LL/Kwame/Pritzker are pushing for licensing downstate- to fire officers more easily and going around the contract.
    First, they created the CST/CIRT- stripping districts of manpower and creating a nearly 1,000-officer mobilized go-anywhere/do-anything/go-to team chock full of newbies and swole bearded tough guys from tac who will follow orders in exchange for long lunches, early ducks and not having to answer domestics or traffic crashes. Second, the RDO cancellations during George Floyd was a deliberate attempt to push the limits of what people were prepared to tolerate. This was on LL’s direct order, not Brownie or Patrol. Her mouthpieces in the media (ie Fran, etc) harped about discipline/affidavit/licensing/contracts/etc to drive public opinion in the face of a race riot that burned the city and destroyed downtown. Her PR advance people did this and constantly monitor perceptions about police on social media and deliver reports to her weekly.
    And now is squad policing. The dirty little secret? This was never intended to go into effect in all those districts as planned. This was a signal sent to officers as follows: you are entitled to nothing. No day off group, no partner, no specific squad car, no beat or post, nothing. Contractually, it’s weak also. LL, her labor attorneys and her negotiation lead also know this.
    The sooner most officers stop caring about retro retro retro retro and start prioritizing structural quality-of-life issues in the contract, she will be able to fuck us less. ie: Day off group changed? Pay me. Start time changed? Pay me. Cancel RDO’s? Pay me. Staffing numbers go under minimum levels? Pay me. Working 99 on afternoons or midnights? Pay me.

As suspected, the entire name-of-the-game is demoralization. 

And if Chicago happens to end up with 700 or 800 or 900 dead minorities, even if they’re children, their deaths are only to further Groot’s anti-police agenda….in other words, acceptable loses.

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