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Reminder: Believe in your Police Chief Leadership Skills but Never Stop Improving

Everyday law enforcers face new challenges brought about by the rapidly changing political and social climate in America. As the department continues to grapple on modern-day issues – like police and community conflict, misbehaviors, and anti-terrorism issues – police chiefs are now prompted to navigate through their leadership skills to help them connect with wide-ranging demographics and serve the public.


Why Police Agencies Need Good Leaders

Community policing is both a complicated and complex task. It requires a systematic operation and high-level coordination among the members of the department – from responding to public threats down to investigation and prosecution cases. And the success of every police department highly depends upon the effectiveness of the Police Chief.


Police Leadership Qualities that You Already Have and Can Still Improve On

While it’s true that police officers must be courageous and physically fit to help people and maintain peace and order in the community, as Police Chief, you know for a fact that there’s more to that when dealing with people and extreme cases. Leadership sits at the heart of every police department.

So, what are the police leadership qualities that you already have but still need to improve on?


  1. Excellent Communication Skills

As a Police Chief, you know that it’s not only important to be able to communicate well, you have to be excellent in communicating to your police officers and in making reports – that are exact and knowledgeable about the laws that impact the community. 

Excellent communicators also have the ability to easily earn the trust of the community members, which is very essential in keeping peace and order. As Police Chief, you have to develop very good interpersonal communication skills to develop a good rapport with the community, with your officers, and most importantly, with those from diverse cultures and beliefs.

Besides, excellent communication skills can also come in handy especially in times of critical negotiation. As Police Chief, you have to continuously practice active listening, expressing empathy, and keeping unbiased despite difficult situations. 


  1. Compassionate

Much of the Police Chief’s work requires the ability to feel and understand other people’s hardships and struggles – be it among the police officers or community members. Everyone is fighting a battle they don’t want to talk about; however, these silent battles could lead to unnecessary conflict which could illicit unnecessary commotion in the community. Therefore, as Police Chief, you need to firm but compassionate to your people – someone who can help calm the storms and sympathize with them. 


  1. Integrity

Probably this is one of the most important qualities of a police leader – the ability to be transparent and direct to his or her subordinates, as well as to the community. As Police Chief, you know that integrity is the key factor in building public trust and earning their confidence toward law enforcement officers. 


  1. Adaptation

While this is often missed by many police leaders, one of the most important skills that every police chief must possess is the ability to evolve and adapt through difficult situations. As years passed, you have to admit that leadership styles to police officers must also change. It needs regular tweaking to keep up with the incoming generation, as well as in relating to the community. 

Hence, it is imperative for every police agency to make necessary changes to further strengthen community relations. One of these is adapting modern methods of data gathering and feedbacking from community members with the use of technology, like Officer Survey.

As Police Chief, you should not limit yourself in leading the members of the police department but also help in leading the community. 


You know that you already have these skills within you. You won’t be a police leader if not. However, also keep in mind that good leadership is not merely a position but a lifestyle. Therefore, to be an effective leader, you have to continue learning and improving for the good of your department and your community. Are you up for the challenge

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