May 9, 2021 21:45

Rifle Fire at…McCormick Place?

The train station. This should probably be bigger news – and might be if there were actual conventioneers attending McCormick Place events:

  • Police are looking for the man who fired a rifle on Metra’s McCormick Place platform and then fled from the station Tuesday morning.

    The man stepped off of a northbound Metra Electric train at the station around 10:20 a.m. and placed a duffle bag on the platform, according to a spokesperson for the train system.

    The gunman, who was alone on the platform, then took a rifle out of the bag and fired one round to the west, then put the weapon back into his bag and left the station, the spokesperson said.

    Metra police “have no idea” what the man was shooting at, according to the spokesperson. No injuries were reported and investigators were still looking for the bullet at midday. A shell casing was found at the platform, however.

We did a quick Google search for this incidents and two places covered it:

And last time we checked, this isn’t anywhere near Wrigleyville or Boystown. 

And the media is still providing cover for Groot and the absolute descent into Hell she has pushed Chicago into because if this had major coverage, there’s barely a convention that might have returned to town.

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