May 6, 2021 19:14

San Fran Cop Indicted

After shooting a subject who beat him with a bottle, resulting in skull fracture(s), the cop gets indicted – and no, we aren’t joking:

  • A San Francisco grand jury indicted a police officer whose actions led to a leg amputation for a burglary suspect after the man allegedly attacked officers with a liquor bottle last year, authorities said Monday.

    The suspect, Jamaica Hampton, 25, was also indicted, though San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin did not say what charges the men face over the Dec. 7 incident in the city’s Mission district.

    In a brief statement, Boudin said the indictment was returned Friday. He said he would provide more information when an arraignment is scheduled, and he encouraged Hampton and the officer, Christopher Flores, to turn themselves in.

You have to read in TWELVE PARAGRAPHS to find the officer’s injury:

  • The president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, Tony Montoya, criticized the decision, noting that Flores’ skull had been fractured and saying it amounted to declaring “open season” on police

And it’s spreading across California to LA:

  • In his first day on the job, Los Angeles County’s new District Attorney has announced that he’s lost his mind his office will decline to prosecute a whole spate of misdemeanors, damning a city already struggling with high levels of violence to accept even more crime in the name of “social justice.”

    According to a new statement from the DA’s Office and detailed by FOX LA’s Bill Melugin, L.A. County DA George Gascon, who previously worked as San Francisco’s DA (and we see how well that turned out) says his office will no longer prosecute, with some exceptions for repeat offenses, misdemeanor crimes for: Trespassing, Disturbing the peace, Driving on a suspended license, Driving with no license at all, Prostitution, Resisting arrest, Criminal threats, Drug and paraphernalia possession, Being a minor in possession of alcohol, Drinking in public, Under the influence of a controlled substance, Public intoxication, Loitering.

Amazingly, this is the same asshole who turned San Francisco into a shit-strewn sewer and he got elected in Los Angeles after being chased out of San Fran by the smell. 

Some of the listed crimes can obviously be diverted to alternate routes of punishment – we support that. But driving offenses need to be dealt with harshly for repeat offenders, resisting arrest is a no-no (that’s why there are civil courts and remedies), and attempting to legalize hard drugs has never worked out anywhere it was tried.

Legalizing bad behavior has always led to more bad behavior. Look it up.

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