June 24, 2021 02:34

Scammer who stole €500k+ and got away with it

There is a tv show in my country who tries to catch scammers each week.
So this scammergroup contained people from all europe. They acted as a big broker on the trading market. Named their company SOARFX.

They convinced people from several EU countries to hand over all their savings to them. And then they promised them huge profits as they would invest those savings in to the stock market. But the money never came and they even didnt get their savings back.

I’ve got the following info on them:
Name of the gang leader: Arthur Hochberg picture: https://itavisen.no/2018/10/02/vi-avslorte-kryptosvindlerne-pa-malta/ Last known location: Malta
Company name they’ve used: SOARFX
I cant find the episode anymore… it used to be watchable. Name is kees van der spek oplichters aangepakt episode 5

So the guy from the tv show came very close in catching them. He was at their doorstep all the way in Malta. But they fled as soon as they saw him. He got a few faces on camera and he even got a name.
As of today 2 crimeshows got them on camera (Danish and Dutch show) and they still continue doing this sh*t.

Now I dont know if this post is right for this community but i thought why nat. Thought maybe someone is interested in catching those bastards.


If someone knows anything about them or has any info let me know.

More then hundreds of victims are waiting for their money that they will never recieve. The amounts vary from €2500 till in some cases €75000+. Personally i think the victims are not the sharpest in the shed but they still deserve justice imo.

Here is a link to his the story about Arthur Hochberg. It is in Norwegian language but with google chrome u can translate the article to whatever u want. All the info provided in the post is findeable with one google search. https://www.nettavisen.no/na24/konfronterte-svindler-i-risikabelt-mote-sa-ser-han-programlederens-skjulte-kamera/3423542285.html

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