May 13, 2021 17:36

Scandal Brewing?

And this one is all of Brownie’s and Groot’s making. Don’t say you weren’t warned:

  • The CST unit is making 500 traffic stops a day. No one in the media is asking about profiling in that unit?? How many citations are issued by them?? My guess is not many. So what’s the point of all those stops?? ACLU?? Consent monitor?? All of those stops surly isn’t bringing crime down so again what is the point of it all??? 

Supposedly, SeeBS has their teeth in this one and are putting the finishing touches on a report (it pays to keep tabs on your enemies) that shows the number of blue card stops aren’t matching the number of event numbers stops. And none of it matches up with body camera recordings, which is a huge No-No in the Groot Era of “Accountability.”

Might this lead to another “disbanding” of a specialized unit, with 800 cops headed to the south and west sides to alleviate those years-long shortages? You remember – the way they fucked everyone in MSF a number of years ago.

History repeating?

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