June 22, 2021 20:07

SCC Rant

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Now for the rant part:

There were a bunch of comments that irritated us yesterday. People saying that we were attacking an aldercreature who supported police, who gave a fired cop a job when he got out of prison, who voted against Groot’s tax hike and the 600 Officer “defunding” a few weeks ago, and we were now putting people out of work and by golly, what if the City Inspectors start hitting all the other joints flouting the rules?

What short memories you have. Tunney has always been about Tunney and what was politically expedient for Tunney. Have you forgotten?

  • He supported Crimesha Foxx?
  • The hideous Parking Meter fiasco?
  • Traded his vote for a tax hike just a few years back over a promised increase in cops for his ward alone – which fell apart after the tax hike passed? His constituents got what exactly?
  • Called the 023 District Commander to circumvent a moving violation he received for a cell phone violation – an ordinance that he voted for?
  • As far as we can tell, he’s still a Vice Mayor and Chairman of the Zoning Committee –  both appointed spots by Groot….and Zoning is the second most powerful spot after Finance. He does what he’s told to keep his spots.

That’s lukewarm support. Opportunistic. What are his thoughts on Officers’ fourth year without a contract? As for putting people out of work, how many people has Groot and the City Council put out of work by not opening up the economy in the face of a virus that has a 99.7% recovery rate?  Tens of thousands? What makes his employees more important than any of those other people?

Tunney had an opportunity here to go against Groot and break the Groot embargo. To point out that her (and Fatass’s) restrictions aren’t based on science. That restaurant patrons aren’t super-spreaders, just like church services aren’t infecting people. He could have led an association of like-minded business owners who are being killed by this shutdown and pointed out that Groot isn’t a dictator and she doesn’t rule by fiat. Has there been a single Ordinance passed through the City Council regarding shutdowns, because the science doesn’t back up any of the overreach currently going on.

Tunney doesn’t get to back Groot on shutting down all of his competition and then act surprised when someone gets righteously outraged that he isn’t following the rules because he’s part of the so-called Ruling Class. Either the Rules apply across the board or they don’t – no in-between.

UPDATE: By the way, Tunney is a bald-faced liar. He wasn’t just “serving some regulars.” We can prove that one, too, with more pictures. But we don’t need to drag in a bunch of people who just wanted to get some food in a reasonably nice atmosphere. Tunney could have been a leader of the business community instead of just another Machine hack.

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