May 9, 2021 21:33

Second Day of Chauvin Trial Ends With Tense Testimonies

During the second day of testimony in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, Judge Peter Cahill reprimanded witness Genevieve Hansen, a two-year veteran of the Minneapolis Fire Department who was on scene at the time of Floyd’s fatal arrest on Memorial Day 2020, for arguing with defense counsel and the court during cross-examination, reports the Courthouse News Service. Hansen said she’d been concerned at the scene about an abnormally slow response time from medics and a nearby fire station and became contentious when Chauvin’s defense attorney began questioning her behavior at the scene towards Chavin and the other officers and implying that she had impeded their efforts to restrain Floyd. Judge Cahill continually struck Hansen’s responses from the record and eventually dismissed the jury after accusing her of arguing with the court and counsel. Cahill then dismissed Hansen and, after briefly dealing with housekeeping matters, adjourned court until Wednesday. Hansen will take the stand in the morning to finish cross-examination and prosecutors’ redirect.

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