September 19, 2021 14:19

Shortages Continue

So these are the sheets from 011, second watch the other day (click for lager version):

As you can see, only two street supervisors and the bare minimum of 15 beat cars (all but one a 10-99 unit) plus the wagon. Groot is still getting her sergeant and six officers downtown though.

The disturbing part isn’t the 10-99 units. The disturbing part is the two down cars in the busiest and bloodiest District in the city. 011 has ninety homicides this year and may be the first District to break one-hundred in over twenty years.

It can’t get any worse that this, can it?


The very next day – FOUR beat cars down. 

In the Homicide Capital of Chicago.

And six officers sent downtown. Again.

And 011 had four homicides this week.

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