May 6, 2021 17:07

Sh*t happens

Do you remember your first day on patrol? Undoubtedly Officer Johnathan Garcia of the Riverview, Michigan, Police Department will never forget his inaugural shift. Not only did he make an arrest that day, but it was a very stinky situation.

Garcia and his training partner responded to a complaint of a man defecating in front of the Riverview Church of Christ, reported Fox 2 in Detroit.

“We got a call from a few passersby about a white male in front of the church there on Pennsylvania. They said he was pooping right in front of the sign there,” Garcia told the news station.

The officers quickly confirmed the reports.

“It was definitely not an animal. It was definitely human in nature,” Garcia observed. 
The partners peacefully apprehended the suspect, who confessed to the offense and was cited for disorderly conduct.

“He acknowledged that his actions were wrong, but I guess the urge got the most of him and he was unable to find an accessible restroom right away,” Chief Ron Beggs explained.

Fox 2 added that authorities believe the individual’s behavior may be related to mental illness. He was released to a family member’s custody.

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