August 1, 2021 12:21

Silence Is Violence

When I first saw the George Floyd video, I was sick to my stomach. The optics were disgusting, easily the worst police use of force video I had ever seen.  Even worse than Rodney King.

After a few days, I knew there was something wrong.  Something didn’t seem to fit what we all saw and assumed was obvious.  I called my dear friend and editor of this great site and told him my concerns.  As the country was starting to burn, we hadn’t been updated with autopsy results or even body camera footage.


My experience in investigating crimes, specifically homicides, told me that the autopsy would have been performed the following morning at the latest.  Strangulation/asphyxiation would have been known immediately.  It’s the easiest thing to detect and doesn’t require an invasive procedure. 

In fact, medical staff would have known if he choked to death at the hospital before he was transported to the morgue.  But we were left in the dark and left to assume that what we saw was in fact a murder captured on video.

Later the next day, the Minneapolis Mayor stated that Floyd would be alive today if he were white. 

The Mayor no doubt knew the preliminary autopsy results.  He had certainly already seen the body camera footage.  And I have no doubt he was made aware that the technique used by hthe officer was permitted and encouraged in the MPD use of force policy at the time it was applied. 


Yet with all this, he still made that vile statement. 

And his city, along with others across the country, burned as a result……All for a drug overdose. 

Disgusting video indeed. 

But it is still a drug overdose. There is no doubt that officers employed by MPD are aware of exonerating evidence in this case.  Don’t let the mayor or DA control the narrative (and feel free to let us know). Don’t let people die for votes.

But the Mayor Jacob Frey is not my concern.  Far from it. 

Racism is powerful political currency today. 

And the Democrats know how to flaunt that currency better than anyone.  Frey did exactly as predicted he would.  My concern was the police chief. 

The chief knew the truth, yet stayed silent. 

The entire command staff knew the truth, yet stayed silent. 


Set aside all the mom and pop businesses that have been lost due to these “peaceful protests”, how many people have died as a result?  How many cops have been killed by those believing they just witnessed a state sanctioned murder?

These narratives have become so predictable that they’re almost cliche.  “He was a loving father….to his 9 children from 11 different mothers”. “He was just signing up for GED classes….at age 49”. “He was killed for a busted taillight”.  “He was killed for 20 dollars”. “He was killed for selling cigarettes”. “She was killed for sleeping”. You know that before the body is cold, you’re going to hear how he/she/zie/sie/ey/ve/tey/e was just turning (pick your own gender pronoun) around….while reaching for a gun.

And we stayed silent.

The same applies to the command staff at the Louisville Police Department.  They knew Breonna Taylor was not a hard working, active duty EMT. 

They knew she wasn’t sleeping in bed when she was shot.

They knew that after taking a shot at police, her coward boyfriend used her as a bullet proof vest.

They knew that police did in fact have the correct house during the execution of the search warrant. 

They knew that officers knocked before entry even though they weren’t required to by law.

They knew that through months of surveillance work, she was absolutely involved in the distribution of narcotics.

They stayed silent. And their city burned.

Then something magical happened. 

Something unseen is police work for decades. A cop spoke up. 

Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly had enough.  He couldn’t wait any longer.  Even worse than having his femoral artery severed by that scumbag, his family, his livelihood, and everything he worked for was being threatened. 

He was left to rot by spineless leaders.  All based on known lies. 

Since when did we fear the truth?

Since when did the truth become racist? 

Since when did the truth become politically incorrect?

No More.

When police chiefs, especially those that work under Democrat overlords, become part of some leftist false reality game, people die. 

Civilians……And police officers…..For lies…..For silence. 

The perpetrators of the Dallas 5 and Baton Rouge 3 in 2016 admitted as much.  They were seeking revenge for justified police involved shootings. Shootings that politicians and their propagandist media used to incite and enrage.


It’s not enough anymore for us to push factual statistics. The left isn’t listening.  If you don’t believe me just take a look at what they did to Tulsa Police Major Travis Yates after he had the audacity to discuss actual scientific research.

Not because they are deaf. 

But because they refuse to. 

Our political leaders know the truth, but the truth gets in the way of votes. 

Remember, facts are racist. 

Stats are racist.

Numbers are…yep, you guessed it…racist.  2+2=5 now right? 

Obviously those damn Mesopotamian mathematicians in 3000 BC were fervent bigots. 

These false narratives are nothing knew. 

They have affected our field since the beginning of time.  Just today, the worst quarterback to ever start in a Super Bowl is now using his bully pulpit to try to secure the release of a convicted cop killer from 40 years ago. A case that has been debated and appealed a zillion times. A case that leftists elites have been trying to affect the narrative on for years.

Facts be damned. 

And if pending election results stay the same, that JV level quarterback is about to have an ally in the White House to help push his bullshit. 

My biggest regret after almost 24 years on the job is that I never spoke out until I retired. But then again, we’ve never been under such a nonstop coordinated attack like this. Cops have been trained to think that the First Amendment does not apply to us. 

That we lose our voice. 

Yes there are times when officers need to remain silent.  But not when we are being personally attacked.  Not when our families and our homes are being targeted. 


As I write this, ANTIFA thugs are celebrating the attempted arson at an officers home in Washington County (OR.), Just today, Joseph Mensah announced his retirement from the Wauwatosa PD.  This is a great cop and a tremendous loss to his community. Imagine that. A black cop that grew up in the same community he patrols was forced by violent criminals to use deadly force.  Forced as in everyone one of them was attacking him with a gun or a knife.


The narrative surrounding him was actually pushed by his mayor and city council. Then amplified by douchenuggets such as Jay-Z and the Jonas Brothers. Some that are calling for his head in pursuit of racial justice still do not even know that he is black. Not that knowing this fact would matter to them.  They would just call him Clayton Bigsby. He has been assaulted while off duty and someone fired a bullet into his home.

Instead of hailing this young minority cop a hero, Black Lives Matter and cowardly politicians attack him to the point that he resigns from the career that he loved. Congratulations are in order for all those demanding racial justice by forcing the removal and publicly shaming one of the few black officers in that agency. But not to worry, the department has promised to be more inclusive and to hire more black officers.

These people are psychotic at best.

This is now beyond the needed backing of our cowardly leaders or brief soundbites from our union representatives.

It’s time for us to speak the truth. 

What are they going to do, fire all 700,000 of us? 

Good luck with that.

These politician’s twisted desire for votes has required us for years to be that silent boogeyman that they can point to and blame.

No more.

It’s time to fight back.  

It’s time to take back the narrative with truth.

Be brave.

Be like Sergeant Mattingly.


Jason Simoneau is the author of The Job: Sins of the Father

Author information

Jason Simoneau

Jason Simoneau is a retired homicide detective after serving his community for 24 years. He is the author of The Job: Sins of the Father and the Associate Editor for Law Officer.

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