April 13, 2021 05:39

Some Capitol Mob Participants Seek Plea Deals

Several members of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol have reported their involvement to law enforcement as prosecutors race to charge dozens of the most visible participants and dig into what kind of planning went into it, reports the Wall Street Journal. Lawyers for several have called law enforcement to disclose information about their clients’ participation in an effort to avoid more serious criminal charges and potentially negotiate plea deals. Prosecutors announced the arrest of a Virginia man who was photographed wearing a sweatshirt bearing the words Camp Auschwitz. Among others arrested was a man from Idaho who was identified from photos showing him hanging by one hand from the Senate balcony.

Prosecutors announced the arrests of two off-duty Rocky Mount, Va., police officers, Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson, who they said were photographed making an obscene gesture in front of a statue of Revolutionary War officer John Stark in the Capitol. The new cases come as cities across the U.S. brace for the possibility of more armed protests and violence in the days before Joe Biden’s inauguration. The FBI and National Counterterrorism Center on Wednesday circulated among law-enforcement agencies a bulletin warning that partisan grievances pose the greatest domestic terrorism threat in 2021. The bulletin said last week’s Capitol breach could drive future violence and could lead to more threats against elected officials by extremists. The White House released a video in which President Donald Trump implored his supporters not to break the law or use violence next week as concerns mount that protests could become bloody.

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