April 13, 2021 07:27

South Carolina Attorney Defending Trump in Impeachment Trial: ‘It’s What I do’

Karl S. “Butch” Bowers Jr. works from his one-lawyer office in Columbia, S.C., preparing to defend former president Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial and said he did not hesitate to defend Trump, a job that lawyers at big, high-profile law firms apparently did not want, reports The Washington Post. Bowers, 55, a graduate of Tulane Law School, declined to discuss his legal strategy, whether Trump might appear at the trial, or whether he would call witnesses.

Bowers has taken some high-profile cases in South Carolina. In 2009, he represented then-Gov. Mark Sanford (R), who was threatened with impeachment after revelations of the governor’s affair with an Argentine woman and questions about the use of state travel funds. The impeachment effort was dropped. In 2012, Bowers defended then-Gov. Nikki Haley, who faced a State Ethics Commission inquiry into allegations of campaign finance violations. After negotiations by Bowers, the commission fined Haley $3,500. Asked whether he wanted to declare Trump’s innocence, he responded: “You’ll see our case when we present it, and I think the facts and the law will speak for themselves.”

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