May 9, 2021 22:15

Start Firing Teachers Groot

Abandonment of employment is a good starting point:

  • Most of the Chicago Public Schools teachers and staffers who are scheduled to return to classrooms next week for the first time in nine months have tacitly agreed to do so — but almost a third of them requested to work from home or take a leave of absence.

    The district ended up rejecting most of those requests, according to CPS data released Tuesday on the 7,002 pre-kindergarten and special education cluster program employees who were told to return to work Jan. 4 following the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic closure.

    Two-thirds of those employees — 4,684 of them — didn’t ask for leave or accommodations.

    Another 2,010 employees applied to stay home or take leave. The district granted 861 of those requests and rejected 1,149 others, or about 16% of all returning workers. An additional 308 requests are pending, according to CPS.

For all those that don’t show up – post 1,149 job openings and they’ll be 2,000 applicants the next day. 

All non-tenured and all at the low end of the pay scale.

Win-Win Gorot.

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