September 22, 2021 07:38

Stay Home! No Vacations!

Meanwhile, one of our fans sent us this:

That’s Groot (top left) getting off the escalator at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Skokie, Illinois. Multiple Choice Quiz as to what Groot was buying there:

  1. ammunition for the pocket derringer she carries
  2. running shoes to flee inquisitive reporters
  3. a paddle board


  1. silly reader – Groot doesn’t buy ammo
  2. silly reader – reporters don’t ask Groot hard questions
  3. correct

And as we don’t see a paddle board being of much use in Chicago between the months of November and late May,  it’s probably safe to conclude that once again, Groot is leaving town while you are ordered to stay and quarantine and work canceled days off.

Also, nice to see Groot supporting suburban big box stores instead of something actually in the city that she is driving into the ground.

UPDATE: This is very close to Sauganash. Did Groot go through with that house purchase a bunch of people said fell apart? If so, why is 014 so short of manpower still?

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