May 9, 2021 22:19

Step Right Up Lab Rat!

Anyone know where this guy got his medical degree?

Rich doesn’t mean smart at everything. Just so everyone is clear:

  • [N]ormally the FDA wants 10 years of data to approve something like this, or 3 years with expedited approval. But this vaccine was only researched for 8 months and they trust all of us to “just take it”, no questions asked. Not to mention, Pfizer and Moderna got blanket protection from the federal govt that they CANNOT be sued by someone or a family forliability if the vaccine kills someone or makes the sick.

Paraphrasing some guy we heard about once, we have far more questions than answers here.

We’ve had a Flu Vaccine for how many years now? Extensive trial and error….and it has to be changed every single year because the flu virus mutates. How effective is the flu vaccine?

  • 2004 – 10% effective – lowest recorded
  • 2010 – 60% effective – highest recorded

The last three years, it’s been 38%, 29% and 45% (estimated). That doesn’t instill confidence in an entirely new type of vaccine that was developed over 6-to-8 months.

Get informed.

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