June 22, 2021 00:07

SWAT Deputy Kills Black Ohio Man Who Waved Gun

Ohio activists are questioning the decision of a veteran SWAT deputy to shoot a 23-year-old Black man fatally as he arrived at his home on Friday, reports the Columbus Dispatch. Family members say Casey Goodson Jr., 23, was carrying a sandwich and was on his way back from the dentist’s office when he was shot in the back three times by a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy assigned to a U.S. Marshal’s office fugitive task force. U.S. Marshal Peter Tobin said a fugitive task force had finished an unsuccessful search for a suspect when a man drove by, waving a handgun at a sheriff’s SWAT deputy.

Tobin said the SWAT deputy went to confront the man about the gun waving. The man was already out of his vehicle and was told to drop his gun. When the man with the gun did not drop his weapon, the deputy shot him. A handgun was recovered, Tobin said, but he did not say from where. Tobin said he believed the shooting was justified. He said the Columbus police Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will conduct an investigation. Activists say Tobin’s narrative did not mention that Goodson was shot in the back or his family’s statement that he had a concealed-carry permit for the handgun. Aramis Sundiata of the People’s Justice Project, said Goodson “was living his life … and was shot down by the police,”

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