July 30, 2021 18:42

Teacher Teacher!

We’ve been looking around to see if that northside art teacher had some sort of waiver to live outside the city after comments like this started appearing (and after he attempted to purge his social media presence):

  • Poor Scott McNulty, 42, is just pissed that he got outed on SCC for being a CPS Residency violator. McNulty is one of 8-9 residency violators at Ebinger School in Copland, one is questionable.

    Scott T. McNulty, an Art Teacher bought a home at xxxx South xxxx Ave. – Lombard, IL 60148 and lives there….McNulty was hired by CPS on August 27, 2003 and isn’t eligible for a residency waiver as he doesn’t teach in a need basis subject area and he was hired after 11-20-1996 (date of implementation of the new CPS Residency Policy) and isn’t grandfathered-in with the old CPS Residency Policy (hired prior to 11-20-1996 and CPS employees can live anywhere).

    He’s has been in violation now for 8 years after buying that home on Lombard. Find his address on blockshopper.com and the enter it into the County of DuPage Property Lookup

It’s seems he’s not only an alleged residency violator, he’s an alleged tax cheat, too:

  • It seems Scottie’s thing is lying. McNutz also lies to get Homeowner’s Exemptions on his house in Lombard and the one he owns in Chicago on 3400 block of W. Beach Ave. He rents out Beeach Ave. and gets his CPS mail sent there as well. (You shouldn’t have pissed off your copper neighbor)

    See, you can get a homeowner’s exemption on only one home. That’s the ONE you declare as your permanent residence.

Next thing you know, he’ll be ripping toilets out of one of his houses to get another tax break.

Perhaps ten or twenty letters, emails or phone calls to the Inspector Generals Office can get to the bottom of this budding scandal. And maybe an enterprising investigative “reporter” or three can start looking into the eight or nine other teachers at Ebinger who don’t have residency waivers. 

If that’s too difficult, maybe this can be addressed?

  • SCC, are you aware of the multiple CTU teachers that are “teaching” remotely, not from their homes and certainly not from schools but from vacation spots? They are in Florida, the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, Tennessee and Las Vegas. Those are just the ones I know of. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

If we leave town while on the medical, we get suspended. Unless we can somehow get Groot to let us police “remotely.” Maybe we need look into this one?

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