July 26, 2021 12:17

Texas man accused of using sledgehammer to bludgeon two men to death

DALLAS — A North Texas man has been indicted in connection with two murders in Dallas last year.

Adelaido Amaya Esparza, 58, was indicted on Dec. 29 for his role in the deaths of Daniel Slusser and Fredrick Hoylee Billmeier, NBCDFW reported.

According to the arrest warrant, Billmeier was killed on Oct. 20. Police said they found him bludgeoned to death at a DART bus stop on North Hampton Road.

While reviewing surveillance footage of the incident, detectives observed a man, later identified as Esparza, hitting Billmeier with a blunt object multiple times in the head, police said.

According to the arrest warrant, a similar murder occurred on Nov. 20 a little more than one mile away from the site of the first murder. The second homicide victim was Slusser.

Moreover, surveillance video showed a man hitting Slusser with a sledge hammer multiple times, court documents say.

Due to the close proximity of both crime scenes, police said they believed that each murder was likely committed by the same suspect, NBCDFW reported.

Furthermore, still images from the surveillance video were shown to a witness and used to identify Esparza as the suspect in both homicides, according to the arrest warrant.

Consequently, Esparza was arrested in connection with the murders and transported to the Dallas County Jail on Nov. 24.

His bond is set at $500,000.


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